This post is part of our Behind the Scenes @PCYI_Org series. This series gives us an opportunity to share news about the various projects we’re working on, but it’s also a chance for you to learn more about us and to ask questions and make suggestions to help improve the quality of our work. Today our post is courtesy of our Communications Manager, Krista. 

Peel Children and Youth Initiative has decided to do a “Behind the Scenes” staff series on Thrive. After all, it is important for you – our partners – to know the faces behind the work that we do here. You will hear from each of us about our work, why we spend our days with PCYI and maybe a bit about our personal lives too. And, as the newest member to our team, it is only fitting that I go first.

Krista Murray, in a previous role, on CTV News Direct

Allow me to introduce myself – I am PCYI’s Communications Manager. I joined October 18th and am just over a month in. What made me decide to work with PCYI? The list is long, but here are a few reasons:

  1. The staff team here is unmatched. While I was interviewing, I could not have met more welcoming people, and they haven’t changed since day one! This team is genuine, passionate, hard-working and fun! Coming to work every day is a pleasure because of this family.
  2. People want to volunteer with us. If people are flocking to offer their services in a volunteer-capacity, then I surely want to work for this organization. And these are high-quality, educated, dedicated volunteers. From our Youth Advisory Council to our research volunteers to our social media strategist, I have met amazing and talented volunteers who deserve the highest appreciation.
  3. The board. PCYI’s Board of Directors is composed of senior level executives from a wide-range of sectors that have interests in children and youth in Peel. Our board meetings bring together a lot of intelligence for one room and if these people are steering the ship, I want to be on it.
  4. The foundation is evidence. PCYI does not try things for the sake of trying them; we make strategic decisions based on research. We prioritize our work according to what is proven to make the biggest splash. This kind of focus is enticing to me.
  5. PCYI gets stuff done! Ambitious goals can be achievable, and PCYI has shown this to me very quickly. We are moving forward at full steam, meeting deadlines and making change. Since I arrived last month, we have released our Building Healthy Child Development report, based on vigorous parent polling research, to support service providers. And, we have a thorough Recreation and After School Strategy on deck.
PCYI in action at a media event Krista organized for National Child Day

I have studied Communications and Public Relations and most recently have spent several years as a Senior Communications Coordinator with the Canadian Cancer Society. So the scope of my work with PCYI is familiar. With two nieces and two nephews, all under the age of five, I have a fondness for kids; but learning about the social, psychological and physical requirements to support thriving children has a been a learning curve, and an interesting one at that! I have spent many evenings reading about children and youth in Peel since I started at PCYI.

Did you know that at age two, a child’s brain is working four times as fast as mine? Or that aerobic exercise can have a positive influence on youth the mental health and wellbeing? These facts were new to me and I continue to learn something every day. (Isn’t that what we tell our kids? “You learn something new every day?”) Learning about self-regulation, the Early Development Instrument and the importance of recreation for youth, all with a Peel lens – which is extremely vibrant and complex, might I add – keeps me fascinated with my work.

So, what will I be doing here at PCYI? I’ll be supporting our staff to effectively communicate and promote our work. I’ll be the voice behind our newsletter, e-mails and website. I’ll have a role in our social media strategy, media outreach, partner relations, events and speaking engagements. Writing, designing, liaising and reaching out are my specialities.

The kids we are working to create better outcomes for today will be our future tomorrow – they are our children, our future workforce and our future decision makers. I am proud of the work being done here at PCYI and understand that PCYI is nothing without its collaborators. So, now that I have introduced myself to all of you, I’d love to meet you as well! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to say hi.

Krista is the Communications Manager at PCYI. To learn more about her, connect with her on LinkedIn or send her an email at All media relations inquiries can be directed to her as well. 


Meet Our New Communications Manager, Krista!

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  • November 21, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Krista – what a great post! I love it! Thanks for kicking this off (and congratulations on such an excellent post — you are setting the bar very high for the rest of us!!!).
    We are so lucky to have your talents and energy at PCYI!

  • November 27, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Awesome!!! So glad to have you on our team!! What a great read!


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