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Naomi (far right) presenting the Peel Children’s Charter of Rights to RBC Royal Bank on National Children’s Day 2012 to honour their commitment to promoting the Canada Learning Bond.

I’m Naomi Ishmael and I’m the Peel Children’s Charter of Rights ambassador. As ambassador I represent kids all over Peel Region and their thoughts on life and how kids should be able to live it. I am also to bring awareness to kids and adults about their rights. Kids are the future, and as they will be the ones who will one day help and further build up this Region, it is our duty to make sure their lives are worth living.

Being the ambassador for Peel Region is certainly something I love to do. I am able to inform kids how much their life is worth. Kids have the right to 12 different things; they are all important and cover every aspect of a good life. To name a few: they should have their own opinion in what they believe in and their religion, every child has the right to be treated fairly, have proper justice, along with the feeling of protection; every child should have an education; they all need caring homes and love. ALL kids have a voice – we all have an opinion and they may not be similar but all voices should be heard. We have the right to an identity and to express ourselves as different individuals and as kids, simply just have fun.

There are so many people living in the Peel region that have no idea about their rights or their children’s rights. I personally wish everyone was more informed about it because it allows kids to have an opportunity to live a better life giving kids a head start of living life to the fullest. Kids should most importantly never give up hope — no matter the situation they are in — because with the Charter made for every child in Peel it covers all the basic and important wants and needs.

Naomi speaking to a crowd about the “right to education” as PCYI launched our Enrolled by 6 Strategy
Naomi speaking to a crowd about the “right to education” as PCYI launched our Enrolled by 6 Strategy

Throughout my life I’ve had many dreams of what I wanted to be and soon realized I couldn’t do it all. In this past year I’ve learned that I love theology, which is the science of God or of religion; the science which treats of the existence, character, and attributes of God, his laws and government, the doctrines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice  the science of Christian faith and life. Yet I also wanted to help people, so I’ve now come up with the solution: to minor in theology but major in medicine. With our Charter I have the right to my own religion and belief and my own way of going about that as well as since it is a part of who I am, it creates my identity. I have the right to an education in which I can major and minor in the fields of my choice. With the charter I have the right to be me and so does every kid living in Peel Region.

Naomi Ishmael, 14, will be attending her first year of high school this fall as she enters the Advanced Placement program at St. Edmund Campion in Brampton. She enjoys singing, dancing, reading books on historical fiction and listening to music. Her favourite subjects are French, history and math and she also loves the arts as a whole. Naomi has been the Child Ambassador of the Peel Children’s Charter of Rights since 2010 when she was 10 years old. Watch “We’ve Got Rights,” a musical ensemble about the Charter, which she sings with the Reel Stages Choir, here

Representing the Peel’s Children’s Charter of Rights