The following is a guest post from Surita Dey, Information Services Coordinator, Youth Services, for Brampton Library, in which she profiles a summer program for youth readers to encourage them read outside their comfort zone and “not judge a book by its cover”! Interested in submitting a guest post on behalf of your organization? Contact our Communications Manager Krista at for more information on how to get involved. Thank you, Surita, for sharing this story with our readers! 

Navpreet and Rida_0009The idea, “Blind Date With a Book” came from two members of the Teen Library Council, Navpreet and Rida. Although, other Libraries have offered this program, it was first time for Brampton Library. In this program, the books are completely wrapped in colourful papers with only a clue or two written or drawn on the wrapper. The reader cannot see the cover of the book, read the title or the author’s name, or even a description of the book. They select the book blindly.

When discussed with other Teen Council members, it met with their approval and enthusiasm. So, after much pondering, Blind Date With a Book, was launched simultaneously with the Teen Summer Reading Challenge.

Blind Date With a Book – for the eyes of Youth only!

You don’t know what the book looks like, you don’t know the title, and you don’t know the author! How do you know you will be attracted to this book and spend some meaningful time with it?

Brampton Library dares you to pick an unknown book and check it out! This is your mystery read. It could be a book not destined for you, or it could be your favourite book of the summer. Whatever the outcome, you are challenged to go on a blind date with a book this summer. You will find these books at your nearest location, all wrapped and waiting for you from June 1 to August 31. Check them out as soon as possible and as many times as you want.

Needless to say, the concept was a huge success! Books were wrapped and decorated with teasing clues. Curious readers found it exciting to read an unknown and mysterious book and through the summer months, it became a challenge for the Library to keep the shelves full.

Brampton Library applauds Navpreet and Rida for bringing forward an innovative idea that kept Brampton youth reading all summer.


Going in Blind: Youth Ideas Shape Library Program