If you’ve met anyone from PCYI, you have probably heard about our Enrolled By Six Peel Postsecondary Strategy. We are working to help every eligible child in Peel enrol in the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). The CLB is a free government grant for a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). In other words, the government is giving eligible children up to $2,000 each for their postsecondary education. The money is deposited when the child is young, so it grows interest over time. This hidden gem, which sounds too good to be true, is not well known by parents. Part of our work involves talking to parents about these free, no-catch funds. To do this, we have engaged hundreds of partners, who see parents every day, to help spread the word. During National Education Savings Week (Nov. 16-22, 2014), we visited parents and partners in our community to talk about the Canada Learning Bond. In this video blog, we document our journey and outline how a community of partners have been engaged to help get children enrolled. We also hear from parents who have enrolled their children in the bond about what they think of the free funds. Join us in this video experience to learn more!

The sentiments expressed in this video are anecdotal and for testimonial purposes only. For the most accurate information about the Canada Learning Bond and Canada Education Savings Grant, visit www.canlearn.ca 

It takes a village: A community approach to the Canada Learning Bond in Peel
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