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Up to $2,000 in Free Money for your child’s education

The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is FREE money provided by the Government of Canada to children born after 2004, living in families receiving the National Child Benefit Supplement (i.e. earning less than $43,561 after taxes per year). Eligible children receive up to $2,000 by the age of 15. Parents do not have to put any money in the RESP, but if they do, their contributions will be matched by 40%. The earlier you enrol, the more interest you will earn.

Are you a parent interested in enrolling your child to the Canada Learning Bond?

Learn more at SmartSaver.org where detailed instructions and online forms are available in 15 different languages.

If you are ready to enrol your child in the CLB, just ensure your child has a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada and open up your RESP at a financial institution of your choice, like your bank.

Enrolled By Six: Peel Post Secondary Strategy is a community impact strategy to enroll every eligible child in Peel Region in the Canada Learning Bond – Registered Education Savings Plan for post secondary tuition before the age of six.

Are you a community organization that reaches families with young children?

Help us spread the word! Use many of the public awareness resources to let families know about the CLB.

Engage your organization. Create an internal engagement strategy to help inform staff about how they can help families enrol in the CLB. See the progress we’ve made so far. 

Need help enrolling your child to the Canadian Learning Bond?

Speak with an information, referral and resource specialist. Interpretive services are available.

Local: 905-890-9432


Long distance: 1-888-836-5550