PCYI’s mission is to work collaboratively with the community to ensure that all children and youth have the opportunity to reach their potential as they grow from infancy (0) through to young adulthood (24).

We value

  • Respect for the Rights of Children and Youth
  • Collaboration, Inclusiveness, and Diversity
  • Nurturing Communities
  • Authentic Engagement of Children and Youth


  • Community capacity building and collaboration
  • Research and planning
  • Youth engagement
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Government relations

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to ensure all young people have the chance to realize their potential. PCYI is fortunate to work with a dedicated collaborative of organizations and partners, all committed to improving the lives of children and youth. PCYI incorporates and builds on the work of initiatives such as Success By 6 Peel, Student Support Leadership Initiative and Peel Youth Violence Prevention work of the Region of Peel.


Look how far weʼve come in such a short time!

Click for 2004 milestones
  • Members of Success By 6 Peel make a long-term commitment to develop a more comprehensive collaborative body serving children and youth beyond the age of 6.

Click for 2007-08 milestones
  • A broad section of children and youth service providers funded by the Ministries of Children and Youth Services, Education and Health come together to discuss the significant gaps in service for children and youth aged 0-24 in Peel, and the apparent lack of a high level strategy to meet the challenges of this service gap. The round-table discussion resulted in the establishment of the Children and Youth Collaborative Table (PCYCT).
  • PCYCT sponsors a survey of member organizations about the current climate of collaboration and integration among children and youth service providers.
  • PCYCT agrees to work toward the development of the Peel Children and Youth Initiative, a collaborative organization of more than 80 partners that will develop a comprehensive strategy to improve practice, policy and system changes that will improve services for children and youth (0-24) in Peel.
  • The Ministries of Education and Children and Youth Services create the Student Support Leadership Initiative (SSLI) to support joint planning, coordination and referral processes among the Board of Education and community organizations. SSLI joins PCYI as a key partner.
  • PCYI establishes a Steering Committee, Youth Engagement Committee, Communications Committee, Membership Committee, and a Governance Committee to support the establishment of a new organization by 2010.

Click for 2009-11 milestones
  • The Steering Committee hosts several consultations including: two community forums (May and September), five focus groups with 40 youth, and online survey to seek input about the creation of PCYI and its strategic directions.
  • PCYI’s Steering Committee announces the hiring of its new Executive Director, Graham Clyne, MA.
  • PCYI becomes an incorporated entity.
  • Success By 6 Peel members and staff fully integrate with PCYI. The Student Support Leadership Initiative and Peel Violence Prevention
  • Network of the Region of Peel partially integrates resources with PCYI.
  • PCYI announces its Strategic Plan and three priorities at a community forum.
  • Members of the Peel Regional Council endorse PCYI’s strategic plan at a special presentation.
  • The Youth Advisory Committee consisting of a cross-representation of youth is established.
  • PCYI launches its new brand and website (September, 2011).
  • PCYI’s Steering Committee disbands (September, 2011).
  • A new Board of Directors is elected at PCYI’s first General Meeting (October, 2011)

Click for 2012 milestones
  • PCYI announced the hiring of its new Director, Success By 6 Peel, to lead the work of the Success By 6 Peel planning table, a founding pillar of PCYI.
  • Launched Enrolled By Six: A Peel Postsecondary Strategy working to enrol every eligible child in Peel in the Canada Learning Bond – free government grant for an RESP.
  • Released Building Healthy Child Development: The Experiences of Parents in Peel research report, surveying 1,543 parents in Peel.

Click for 2013 milestones
  • Released Peel’s Kids Participate: A Recreation and After School Strategy, a five year strategy for the Region of Peel outlining 19 recommendations to help our children, youth and families access healthy and safe recreational opportunities.
  • Released Voices: A Study of Youth in Peel research report, surveying 2,187 high school students in Peel
  • Gained community endorsement for the System Integration Framework for Children and Youth (0-24) proposed by a team of community volunteers.
  • Began Setting the Stage for Girls and Young Women to Succeed, a participatory action research project examining economic development for young women in Mississauga with funding from Status of Women Canada.
  • Hosted the first Peel Youth Leaders Conference with funding from the Collette Foundation.

Click for 2014 milestones
  • Released Peel High School Students and Postsecondary School Opportunities report, a companion pieces to Voices: A Study of Youth in Peel.
  • Released From Vision to Implementation: Moving Toward Aligned and Integrated Planning in Peel report to outline the significant progress made in the development of Peel’s System Integration Framework for Children and Youth (0-24) including the development of two new planning tables (School Years and Bridging Transitional Years).
  • Success By 6 Peel Released Engaging Newcomers in Early Childhood Development Services and Support in the Region of Peel report, further examining findings in our parent research.
  • Launched the Research Shop, an online catalogue of research and data relevant to those working with and supporting Peel’s children and youth.

Click for 2015-16 milestones
  • Hosted the first annual Community Research Cafe, in collaboration with Sheridan College
  • Hosted the third annual Peel Youth Leaders Conference in Collaboration with Peel Children’s Centre and Nexus Youth Services
  • Hosted the fifth annual Collaborative State of Mind Conference in collaboration with 10 partners, focusing on self-regulation professional development
  • Launched the Dashboard on Youth in Peel as part of the PCYI Research Shop, looking at Peel youth vs. Ontario youth using the same indicators used in the Ontario Stepping Stones framework
  • Created two new age-specific planning tables as part of the Peel System Integration Framework for Children and Youth
  • Laid extensive ground work for a new collaborative research study, in partnership with eight organizations
  • Began hosting Data Drop-in Sessions to support partner organizations in their evaluation efforts