Building Healthy Child Development: The Experiences of Parents in Peel

Parentreport_thumbBuilding on our tradition of consulting the families, children, and youth in Peel, this report presents the interests and experiences of parents with young children (ages 0-12) from across the region. We heard directly from a randomized and stratified sample of 1,543 parents in Peel about how they access services for their children. They have shared where they go for the informal support and advice that all parents need, and how they value and use many of the formal supports – those community programs and services – that are available to them. We also look at how newcomers and people of various ethnicities access services.

The data will allow us to explore new and innovative ways of providing services in ways that are better aligned with the actual needs, interests and aspirations of the diverse and changing families who live across the Region of Peel.

Download the report:
Parent Polling Report: Building Healthy Child Development (2012)

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