Engaging Newcomers in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Services


In 2012, the Peel Children and Youth Initiative released the Building Healthy Child Development: The Experiences of Parents in Peel report. The research showed that, in general, newcomer parents in the region of Peel tend to have their highest levels of program and service usage within their first year in Canada; and, their usage level drops gradually as they are in Canada for an extended period of time.

Success by 6 Peel received an Innovation Grant from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to explore the factors contributing to this trend and understand the specific challenges and barriers that newcomer families face when accessing ECD services in Peel.

The report summarizes the findings and recommendations resulting from a consultation process conducted in Peel. Our goal was to investigate factors contributing to the reduced use of ECD services by newcomer parents, the longer they had been in Canada.

Read the report:
Newcomer Engagement in ECD Services and Support in Peel

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