The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is FREE money provided by the Government of Canada to children born after 2004, living in families receiving the National Child Benefit Supplement (i.e. earning less than $43,561 after taxes per year).

Eligible children receive up to $2,000 by the age of 15. Parents do not have to put any money in the RESP, but if they do, their contributions will be matched by 40%.

Are you a parent looking to enroll your child in the Canada Learning Bond? Please visit SmartSaver.org for information.

Why we need a Regional Strategy 

There are millions of dollars available for families’ RESPs from the government, but they aren’t being claimed. In Peel, there are more than 74,243 eligible children that have not enrolled to the CLB. That’s up to $148 million not being claimed!

Research shows that when youth believe post-secondary education is a possibility for them, they immediately do better in high school, and their participation in risky behaviour decreases. A child from a low-income family graduates from university will earn, on average, $800,000 more over the course of their life than a high-school graduate.

PCYI’s Approach

Phase 1: Raising awareness about the CLB through events, media outreach, material distribution and engaging our partners (Feb 2012 – Sep 2014)

Phase 2: Changing systems, policies and practices to sustain the effort overtime, including helping organizations introduce Group RESPs for staff (April 2013 – ongoing)


  • Held 8 community enrollment events with 312 kids enrolled on the spot
  • 46,000 flyers distributed
  • 627 presentations delivered with 17,000 people reached
  • Information line established with 1,146 calls
  • Over 30 media articles
  • Helped several organizations implement an RESP payroll deduction benefit for their staff
  • 54,328 eligilble children in Peel are enrolled in the CLB, compared to 29,783 when our strategy began. That means up to $49 million more is being collected for children’s postsecondary education in Peel

Read the full report summarizing our Enrolled By 6: Peel Post Secondary Strategy:
Enrolled By Six: Peel Post-Secondary Strategy Report

Toolkit for service providers

Use these tools and resources to talk to your staff and clients about the Canada Learning Bond and saving for their children’s education.
For further information, please visit our partner SmartSaver.org.

Thank you to our partners and supporters in this strategy: SmartSaver, Prosper Canada and HRSDC.


See how PCYI’s Enrolled By Six Strategy changed Rommel Lobo’s life: